Pests & Diseases

Using Glyphosate

Ralph Waldo Emerson claimed weeds were plants for which we have not found a use in the garden. I see it differently. To me, weeds are plants that have found a use for my garden. Or should I say a …

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A Plant that Deters Deer

This tip was offered by a guest at our Smart Gardening Workshop on “Deer-Resistant Gardening”. See what plant you might try as a way to ward off deer.

Deer-Resistant Landscaping

It is far beyond frustrating to spend good time, energy and money planning and planting a beautiful garden only to watch deer treat it as a personal all-you-can-eat buffet.

Deer-resistant Shrubs

This past winter the deer ate several of my shrubs that I was told they wouldn’t touch, including hollies and some low roses. Can you recommend some truly deer-resistant shrubs?

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