Garden Design

Tips for Grouping Pots

A mix of different-sized pots for added dimension to your garden.

An assortment  of potted succulents can make a beautiful garden for a patio, deck or courtyard—especially if you apply basic design principles to the entire grouping.

Creative Garden Uses for Terracotta Pots

Cover of Handmade Garden Projects by Lorene

This week’s gardening tip is excerpted from Handmade Garden Projects (Timber Press, 2011) by Lorene Edwards Forkner. My collection of hundreds of small terracotta pots once belonged to a friend and next door neighbor. Gordon was a nursery man of …

Define Your Garden with Edgings


Excerpted from The Flower Gardener’s Bible by Lewis and Nancy Hill (Timber Press, 2003). An edging defines exactly what is garden and what is not, and it gives the bed a finished appearance, often making the difference between a fine …

Sneaking Edibles in Among the Ornamentals

Little House in the Suburbs

Edibles are a perfect solution for adding ground coverage to your garden. Follow the tips in the passage below (excerpted from Little House in the Suburbs by Deanna Caswell and Daisy Siskin, published by Betterway Home, 2012) to integrate edibles …

Annuals Aren’t Evil: Reasons to Grow Annual Flowers


Question: I’ve read some opinions on different blogs stating that annuals aren’t a great choice because the methods of producing them aren’t always ecologically friendly and because they take a lot of water and fertilizer to grow well. Your thoughts?