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Poll: Cut Costs by Growing Food?

There’s much buzz in the media this year about more people turning to vegetable gardening as a way to cut grocery expenses. Based on your experience, do you think people can save money by growing their own vegetables?

Planting and Caring for Hostas

Hostas are low-growing, low-maintenance perennials with large, bold leaves. There are endless varieties from which to choose. Here are care tips for hostas, plus ways to use them in the garden’s design.

Growing Food for the Hungry

At the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry and Community Garden, in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, volunteers grow food for low-income and unemployed neighbors and teach the community about gardening. This is an interview with one volunteer.

Apple-Rhubarb Pandowdy

Rhubarb is an early spring vegetable with a bold tart flavor. It’s usually used in desserts since a lot of sugar is required to balance its flavor. Rhubarb often pairs with strawberries, but here’s a delicious way to use it with apples for something a little different.

What is Pandowdy?

Lora Brody provides a fresh-from-the-garden spring recipe for Apple-Rhubarb Pandowdy in the April issue of Horticulture and at hortmag.com/article/pandowdy. But what exactly is pandowdy?