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Rose Classifications Explained

Confused by terms like Hybrid Tea Rose, Grandiflora Rose, Floribunda Rose and other like them? This article explains the differences between rose classes and gives tips on the care and use of the different types of roses.

Biennial Plants

This article defines biennials plants, describes how to grow them and how to make the most of them in the garden and gives examples of biennial flowers to grow.

Junior Master Gardeners in Latin America

In 2009, volunteers from Texas A&M trained Guatemalan teachers and community leaders in horticulture so that they could in turn teach their students to be Junior Master Gardeners, improve science and math skills and help the local economy through gardening.

Planting Around Rocks

If you have a group of rocks as a landscape feature in your yard, you can show it off with appropriate plantings. Here are some ideas for what to plant, plus tips for planting near the rocks.

Poll: Cut Costs by Growing Food?

There’s much buzz in the media this year about more people turning to vegetable gardening as a way to cut grocery expenses. Based on your experience, do you think people can save money by growing their own vegetables?