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Desert Destinations

Southwest BY JUDY MIELKE / Scottsdale, Arizona, Zone 9 Desert Destinations WILDFLOWERS are splashing their color everywhere—out in the desert, along the highway, and in neighborhood common areas. As spring debuts in nature, it makes a grand entrance in gardens …

Upper South: Space Invaders

BY C. COLSTON BURRELL/Free Union, Virginia, Zone 7 The allure of exotic plants is inescapable. In spite of a rich and beautiful native flora, we are invariably drawn to plants from distant shores. As a result, our gardens rely heavily …

Northeast: Ephemeral Love

Gardeners everywhere greet spring with enthusiasm, but the duration and severity of New England winters encourage those of us who garden here to regard with a certain ardor the first plants to emerge from the still-cold ground.

Northeast: Early-Summer Standouts

BY SEAN CONWAY/ Tiverton, Rhode Island, Zone 6b THE MONTHS OF May and June mark the apex of many perennial gardens, especially those in cold-winter regions. More plants are in bloom during these two months than at any other time …

Interior West: Hardy Pardners

Who’s native and who is not carries weight in the ever-more-populated state of Colorado, and the least favorite arrivals seem to be Texans. Fortunately such attitudes are irrelevant in the garden. Ours is brimming with Texas plants that are much hardier than we might have guessed.