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Northeast: Cherry Harvest

BY ROGER B. SWAIN / Monadnock, New Hampshire, Zone 5 Eight quarts to the peck, four pecks to the bushel—these are the dimensions of this year’s sour cherry harvest. The branches within reach of the ground have been cleaned of …

Southeast: Southern Sizzle

When I first started gardening, I didn’t care a speck about foliage size. Itsy-bitsy leaves were fine with me as long as the flowers were pretty. (Prime example: asters.) But as 1 delved into garden books and magazines, I discovered that size matters, at least when you’re a leaf.

Desert Destinations

Southwest BY JUDY MIELKE / Scottsdale, Arizona, Zone 9 Desert Destinations WILDFLOWERS are splashing their color everywhere—out in the desert, along the highway, and in neighborhood common areas. As spring debuts in nature, it makes a grand entrance in gardens …

Upper South: Space Invaders

BY C. COLSTON BURRELL/Free Union, Virginia, Zone 7 The allure of exotic plants is inescapable. In spite of a rich and beautiful native flora, we are invariably drawn to plants from distant shores. As a result, our gardens rely heavily …

Northeast: Ephemeral Love

Gardeners everywhere greet spring with enthusiasm, but the duration and severity of New England winters encourage those of us who garden here to regard with a certain ardor the first plants to emerge from the still-cold ground.