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Midwest: My Garage Band

In late winter, as the garden slumbers and the household vehicles continue their lifelong exile to the Siberia of the lower driveway (the upper driveway having itself been appropriated by potted perennials), the garage teems with horticultural life.

Northern California: Roses for the Shore

Northern California BY MARY WILBUR /Trinidad, California, Zone 9 “Love thou the rose, yet leave it on its stem.”—Lord Lytton, The Wanderer, 1858 Roses have been on this earth since long before man, and as one might guess, they are …

Oklahoma: A Poppy’s Roots

BY RUSSELL STUDEBAKER/Tulsa, Oklahoma, Zone 6 Starting out from Mexico in 1541, the Spanish conquistador Francisco Coronado searched in vain for fabled gold on the plains of Texas and Kansas near Wichita. A few centuries later, and not far from …

Southeast: Zoysia Uncut

BY JENKS FARMER / Columbia, South Carolina, Zone 8 EVERYONE in my neighborhood (and yours, too, I’ll bet) has a lawn. Unfortunately, most of them are the same—unimaginative and crew-cut, not at all like the fun, giant Swiss-cake-like rolls of …

Field Notes 46

MY MOTHER’S ANNUAL New Year’s Day count usually records some 60 plants in flower in her Northern California garden. … Perhaps the most spectacular are the expansive drifts of paperwhite narcissus (N. papyraceus) spread out on the sloping hillside below the house.

Pacific Northwest: Winter Bouquets

BY VALERIE EASTON/Seattle, Washington, Zone 8 As the air chills and the earth twirls toward winter solstice, a branch of glossy leaves or a vase holding a spray of berries is as welcome as an armload of roses in June. …