Midwest: Where the Amur Flows

BY RUSSELL STAFFORD / Berrien Springs, Michigan, Zone 5 HORTICULTURALLY SPEAKING, southeastern Russia—land of the mighty Amur, Earth’s sixth-longest river—has much in common with the midwestern United States: a mercurial climate with sweltering summers and bone-chilling winters (the equivalent of …

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Midwest: Annual Events

BY MARTY ROSS/Kansas City, Missouri, Zone 5 I have retired from competition at the local flower show, but there was a time when my annuals were unbeatable. My friend Henry Marder might dispute this, but, as I recall, I trounced …

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Midwest: My Garage Band

In late winter, as the garden slumbers and the household vehicles continue their lifelong exile to the Siberia of the lower driveway (the upper driveway having itself been appropriated by potted perennials), the garage teems with horticultural life.

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