Plant Profiles

Plants to Attract Monarchs

Monarch on flower

Many gardeners are focused on attracting monarchs to the garden. Some years the gardens succeed in attracting the butterflies, and other years they do not. A reader shares her experience in attracting the, at times, elusive monarch. Read about her …

Keep Your Baptisia Standing Tall

Baptisia blue false indigo

Baptisia australis, common name blue false indigo, is prized for its gorgeous blue flowers as well as its attractive seedpods that turn into tiny musical instruments as they cure. Unfortunately, this unique feature is often missed because the weight of …

String of Beads: a Gem of a Plant

string of beads plant senecio rowelyanus

Virtues: We love string of beads for their cascades of vine-like stems full of bead-shaped, vibrant green leaves.  Small, whimsical white flowers bloom in mid-fall through winter, releasing bursts of cinnamon-like fragrance.

Tried-and-True Daylilies

Daylilies are easy to cross, making the choices on the market limitless. No matter what size, shape or color daylily you want, you’re likely to find one to match (except true white or blue!). But will it grow well? Happily …

Gardening With Moss

There’s nothing as soothing as an emerald carpet of moss on a damp, misty morning. Mosses combine wonderfully with ferns and evergreen groundcovers in the shady garden and I hope you’ll agree that mosses are one plant that no garden should be without.

Verbena lilacina ‘De La Mina’

We asked leading landscape designers for one of their favorite plants to work with. Here’s what Susan Morrison, a landscape designer and author based in the San Francisco Bay Area, had to say: