Plant Profiles

2011 Intros from Bailey Nurseries

Bailey Nurseries, founded in 1905, has earned the reputation as a leader in the nursery industry with inventive techniques, high-quality plants and active involvement in industry organizations. It is one of the United States’ largest wholesale nurseries. Today, new plants …

Harry Potter’s Walking Stick

Question: I was at a gardening lecture and the speaker mentioned “using Harry Potter’s walking stick” in one of her garden designs. Do you have any idea what she could have meant?

Common Poisonous Plants

Plants are responsible for only a small proportion of accidents around the home, and these are rarely serious. However, it is prudent to be aware of commonly grown poisonous garden plants. Here is a list.

Three Kinds of Redtwig Dogwoods

At least three dogwood species are often called redtwig dogwood, and there are many cultivars within those species, some more desirable than others. All three species are grown primarily for their colorful stems, though some also have variegated foliage. Their …