Gardening Book Reviews

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The Good Food Revolution

The Good Food Revolution by Will Allen

I have a confession. While I call myself a gardener with all the confidence of one who has nurtured, tended and grown healthy flowers, trees and shrubs for more than two decades, it was not until this month that I …

Book Review: The 50 Mile Bouquet

The 50 Mile Bouquet

The 50 Mile Bouquet Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers by Debra Prinzing and David Perry 144 pages St. Lynn’s Press, 2012 List price: $17.95 I first became aware of the origins of many (most) of the cut flowers we enjoy …

Book Review: Eat Your Yard!

Eat Your Yard!

Eat Your Yard! Edible trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, and flowers for your landscape by Nan K. Chase 160 pages Gibbs Smith, 2010 List price: $19.99 There have been many volumes of books published in the last couple of years on …

Book Review: Small-Space Container Gardens

Small-Space Container Gardens

Small-Space Container Gardens Transform Your Balcony, Porch, or Patio with Fruits, Flowers, Foliage & Herbs by Fern Richardson 188 pages Timber Press, 2012 List price: $19.95 Fern Richardson is the mastermind behind the wildly popular blog, Life on the Balcony. …

Book Review: Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens: Sustainable Landscaping for a Beautiful Yard and a Healthy World by Lynn M. Steiner and Robert W. Domm 192 pages Voyageur Press, 2012 List price: $24.99 In recent years, awareness has risen not only about the problem of …