Gardening Book Reviews

Find Kylee Baumle’s latest gardening book reviews here and then visit Kylee’s Corner at Gardener’s Hub to see which of her reviewed gardening books are available (and often on sale). For even more from Kylee, visit her blog, Our Little Acre.

Book Review: Powerhouse Plants

Powerhouse Plants 510 Top Performers for Multi-Season Beauty by Graham Rice 284 pages Timber Press, 2013 List price: $24.95 After the brutal summer we experienced last year here in the U.S., many gardeners are looking to garden a little differently. …

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Book Review: Fine Foliage

Fine Foliage Elegant Plant Combinations for Garden and Container by Karen Chapman & Christina Salwitz 140 pages St. Lynn’s Press, 2013 List price: $16.95 Besides being a neat little package of horticultural eye candy that could stand on this merit …

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Book Review: Kiss My Aster

Kiss My Aster: A Graphic Guide to Creating a Fantastic Yard Totally Tailored to You by Amanda Thomsen 160 pages Storey Publishing, 2012 List price: $16.95 Your life isn’t complete until you’ve met Amanda Thomsen. She’s one of a kind …

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Book Review: Homegrown Honey Bees

Homegrown Honey Bees: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Alethea Morrison 159 pages Storey Publishing, 2013 List price: $14.95 If you’re thinking of keeping bees (and don’t think I haven’t!), then Morrison’s new book for beginners will be invaluable in two …

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Book Review: The Unexpected Houseplant

The Unexpected Houseplant 220 Extraordinary Choices for Every Spot in Your Home by Tovah Martin 326 pages Timber Press, 2012 List price: $22.95 Just as the title suggests, you’ll find Martin’s unlikely houseplant suggestions to be a refreshing departure from …

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Book Review: American Grown

American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America by Michelle Obama 272 pages, hardcover Crown Publishers, 2012 List price: $30.00 Our nation’s First Lady inspired many to give gardening a try when she led …

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