‘Karl Foerster’ Feather Reed Grass


Virtues: We love ‘Karl Foerster’ feather reed grass for its feathery spires that appear in the summer and remain upright all through winter. It provides an excellent vertical accent for borders and narrow spaces. Common name: ‘Karl Foerster’ feather reed …

‘Glamour Red’ Ornamental Kale


Virtues: We love ‘Glamour Red’ ornamental kale for its hot pink burst of color that adds unexpected brightness to any fall garden. It works well as an edging, or as a fun addition to any cool-season container or hanging basket.

‘Northwind’ Switchgrass


Virtues: We love ‘Northwind’ switchgrass SO much it has made our list for a second time. It has a great fall and winter interest thanks to its bright off-season foliage and fluffy seed heads. It is tall and narrow, perfect as …

Open Days Garden Tours


The final weeks of the Open Days program of The Garden Conservancy are in September and October. I always find inspiration visiting the private gardens of top-notch gardeners and garden designers in my area. Last weekend I visited the home of Margaret Roach, “A Way …

Pink Turtlehead


Virtues: We love Pink Turtlehead for its bearded pink to deep rose flowers that bloom from late summer through mid-fall. Its glossy, saw-toothed edged leaves add character.

‘Yoshino’ Japanese cedar


Virtues: We love ‘Yoshino’ Japanese cedar for its open, pyramidal shape and fragrant, blue-green needles. ‘Yoshino’ tolerates cold, grows quickly and does not require pruning.

Señorita Rosalita spider flower

Lavender-pink blooms of Cleome Senorita Rosalita

Virtues: We love Señorita Rosalita spider flower for its lack of thorns, sticky foliage, unpleasant aroma and unsightly seedpods. This heat-tolerant plant adds dramatic height to the garden with its spidery clusters of lavender-pink flowers that bloom continuously from spring …

‘Chocolate Sunrise’ canna

Yellow-orange blooms of Chocolate Sunrise canna

Virtues: We love ‘Chocolate Sunrise’ canna for its contrast of bright orange-yellow flowers against chocolate-colored foliage. Cultivated in a delicate breeding program in the Middle East, blooms appear in spring and last throughout the summer and fall, attracting bees and …

‘White Lancer’ feathergrass

White, feather-like seedheads tower over long, green foliage.

Virtues: We love  ‘White Lancer’ feathergrass  for its long, abundantly flowering white seed heads that resemble soft pipe cleaners waving above the billowing foliage.

Temari Patio Blue verbena

Bluish-purple blooms of Temari Patio Blue

Virtues: We love Temari Patio Blue verbena for its bushy, more upright growth habit than typical annual verbenas, which makes it a unique cultivar for patio pots and the garden beds. Temari produces bountiful, bright bluish-purple flowers that cascade over …