Kiss My Aster

I’m Totally Phoning It In…

Christmas is just about here… and even people who have skills like “organization” and “planning” and “taste” have issues holding it together this time of year so just IMAGINE what a hell my life is right now.

All I Wanted Was A Birki

Working outside in winter requires special footgear, usually large Wampa-like boots- and that requires some shopping around. But when your belly is growing by the minute, a little extra thought is needed…

A Garden in Revolt

I feel like I’ve had a hangover for the last 3 months. Have you ever gardened with a hangover? Me either. And my garden has taken notice…

Estate Sale Jackpot!

On a recent Saturday morning, I slothed out on the sofa, listening to Car Talk, sleepily. Dan said he was going out for coffee. He didn’t come back for 4 hours.


So- I snagged a couple of mostly dead, really tall arborvitae topiaries out of the trash….

HOW many pumpkins??

I love my little town’s moxie. Highwood, IL had little more than 4,000 residents at last census- but that doesn’t stop us from trying to take the Guinness record from Boston (population estimated at 645,169)  for the most jack-o-lanterns lit …

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