Kiss My Aster

Hoarders: The Seed Edition

I have purchased enough seeds, corms, tubers and bulbs for this year to keep a non-pregnant, in-shape, unemployed woman busy for eons. Is this part of the nesting impulse? I’m certain I need an intervention.

Poinsettiamas 2011

Poinsettiamas is here at last. I know, you’re thinking it comes late this year- but it’s really all in relation to when Paczki Day falls.

Potting Shed Humor

I’ve got a bunch of ideas and things that I’m percolating on writing down. But I haven’t yet– so here’s a video that almost made me wet my pants. Although these days, it doesn’t take much…

On Forcing Bulbs….

It’s that time of winter where gardeners everywhere are enjoying bulbs they’ve forced- or they are forcing some right now. We all need to see a little green that isn’t Poinsettia related to remind us that spring will come.