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Four Years Later . . .

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter’s second birthday. She has grown and developed so much. I cannot say the same for my four-year-old living stones (Lithops spp.), which I started from seed!

Fall Out of Sync

Echinacea Mistral

Overall it has been a warm fall where I live, in New England. A couple weekends ago, it was in the 80s, and overall the temperatures have been in the 70s. It’s finally starting to cool down around here, with …

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Hey, I Like That Plant


As you may have gathered from some of my previous blog posts, my husband, John, does not share my enthusiasm for plants and gardening.

Coleus Cuttings

coleus cuttings

Fall has been a little slow in coming to my area. We did have a few cool days a couple weeks ago—enough to prompt me to put away the summer clothes and get out the winter clothes—but then it turned …

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Let’s Go Shopping

Last week I wrote a blog post about buying ‘Kent Beauty’ oregano at my local grocery store, and I was a little surprised to read a comment from someone who was upset that I would promote buying plants at a …

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Lost in the Supermarket

Normally I go to the supermarket either right after work or first thing Sunday morning—it’s all about avoiding the crowds. Last weekend, though, I ended up going on Saturday night, on the way home from a quick dinner out with …

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Life Goes On

Where I live, it’s getting to be that time of year when we can look back over the growing season and think about what went wrong or right. Two little triumphs stand out in my mind from the summer of …

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Proven Winners Winner

You may recall that way back in April Nest in Style podcast hosts Jayme Jenkins and Teresa O’Connor teamed up with Proven Winners to give several lucky listeners a great big box of Proven Winners plants.