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They Came With the House

Recently my parents bought a new home and we just had the chance to go see it. I was immediately struck, as they had been, by its gardens! It is clear that the former owners were passionate gardeners who incorporated …

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A Drop of Sunshine

Where I live (New England), so far it has not been a fabulous summer weather-wise. It seems we get one or two nice, warm, clear days, then—boom!—a long stretch of cool and rainy weather. Last week was dismal not only …

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The Emperor’s Blue Clothes

Describing color—I have determined it is the most difficult aspect of writing about plants. One color in particular drives me nuts, because not only is it much sought-after by gardeners, it is also a real trickster. I’m talking about blue.

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Gardening With a Toddler

In the fall of 2009 I met with two “firsts” in my life—I became a first-time mom and a first-time homeowner, with a yard too. (Hooray on all counts!) Though I had managed to gain experience in gardening while still …

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Container Combos: Cute or Kooky?

I received a free box of annuals from Ball Hort a few weeks ago. (Every year, Ball and other growers send samples of their newest varieties to garden writers and editors for feedback and possible publicity.) I decided to mix …

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Key West Musings

I just got back from a mini-vacation that got me thinking about “common” plants . . . love’ em or hate ’em?

Right Place for a Weed

So I grumbled a lot about star of Bethlehem last week (thanks for all your comments!), but on a happier note there’s one “weed” in my yard that I absolutely love. I think some of you may agree with me …

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