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Lost in the Supermarket

Normally I go to the supermarket either right after work or first thing Sunday morning—it’s all about avoiding the crowds. Last weekend, though, I ended up going on Saturday night, on the way home from a quick dinner out with …

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Life Goes On

Where I live, it’s getting to be that time of year when we can look back over the growing season and think about what went wrong or right. Two little triumphs stand out in my mind from the summer of …

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Proven Winners Winner

You may recall that way back in April Nest in Style podcast hosts Jayme Jenkins and Teresa O’Connor teamed up with Proven Winners to give several lucky listeners a great big box of Proven Winners plants.

The Happy Autumn-fields

Alfred Lord Tennyson

This year it seems like autumn is coming early where I live. The nights are already pretty cool—60s—and for the past few weeks we’ve had regular (and at times heavy) rain. Rather than sink into “divine despair,” I got a jump on fall planting.

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Love It Like a Rock

“My mama loves me, she loves me, she get down on her knees and hug me. She loves me like a rock . . .” —Paul Simon I have plenty of rocks in my garden. Whenever I plant, I usually …

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The Toad Lily in the Living Room

We just put the finishing touches on Horticulture‘s September/October issue and shipped it off to the printing press. The final week always feels a bit like a very long labor, as there are always loose ends that need to be …

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Separated at Birth

Early this summer I received two free tomato plants from Log House Plants, a wholesale grower based in Oregon. They are both the same variety—’Big Beef’—but there’s an important difference between the plants. One is a SuperNaturals Mighty ‘Mato grafted …

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I Killed the Lavender

This past spring several growers sent me free samples of their 2012 introductions to try out in my garden. Many wholesale growers send their newest plants to garden writers, bloggers and editors for feedback and in hopes of spreading the …

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Welcome to . . .

I’ve named my garden! Maybe it’s because I love Agatha Christie mysteries—where there’s always a gardener or two lurking about, and all the homes have quaint names and gorgeous borders. Or maybe when I spent most of 2009 immersed in …

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