Adventures of a Landless Gardener

Maybe Just One More Garden


At some point in the gardening season—back when I had a yard—I could say “when!” The new beds were full or I was out of time and labor to make more. I could easily shift gears to pruning, weeding and …

Rocking Out at the Park


A rather obvious title for this post about the rock garden, but truth-be-told I have been rockin’ it lately with this garden.      

Blissful Exhaustion


There is a type of exhaustion that brings a contented smile to the faces of gardeners. It is the feeling that can only come from a day’s work in the garden.

New Faces and Garden Spaces

My garden, A Few of My Favorite Things has a new owner this year.

To say this year at the adopt-a-plots at Ault Park is off to a grand start would be an understatement. By mid-March many of us were cleaning out our beds (the weeds were already in full force), dividing perennials, installing …

Plants to Love


I was making quite the wish list of new garden plants while attending our recent “Plants We Love” workshop, sponsored by our friends at Liquid Fence (we do need to protect our new plants from hungry deer!). By the end …

A Fling with Spring


After many years of gardening I have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather. There are years when a very wet spring makes a sharp turn to a hot, dry summer with no rain in sight. …

My Ever-Shrinking World


So much has changed in this gardener’s life. There is a new career, new responsibilities at the park and new friends. Yet with all the change my world seems to be getting smaller, which I love. One must not mistake …

Overcoming the Gardening Sabbatical


As much as we would like to be gardening each day there are events that keep us at arm’s length from our greatest desire. Most of us will have to deal with one, or possibly two, nature-inflicted gardening sabbaticals. It …