World Tour Updates

Here are a few updates to my world tour schedule-

  • First stop- Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier (this is where the beans originally came from, it’s a fact). I will be speaking with my homegirl, Jean Ann Van Krevelen on Sunday, March 7th at 1pm. She and I are also planning a tweet-up, I’ll share those deets later. 
  • Next stop, Rochester, NY for Gardenscape, I’m giving 3 different presentations- one March 11th, 12th and 13th. There’s rumor of a sock hop and a masquerade ball, I happened to major in both Sock Hop and Masquerade Ball so I will be sure to really "bring it". In fact, I may wear a mask and saddle shoes the whole time I’m there.
  • April 24th I’ll be in Boston speaking at a Proven Winners shindig. The further I get from home the more I can let my hair down, Boston be warned! Hint: I bet I can be soothed with some of the state’s official dessert.

That’s my schedule so far for 2010, don’t forget that I’m also available for private parties, weddings (ordained as a Jedi Knight priest, it’s a fact) and when you’re walking down the street alone and it’s kind of scary… you can call me. I’ll make sure you get to the car alright.

Does it make me sound desperate if I mention the forum?

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