When Inspiration Strikes…

Bad to the phloem!First year gardens aren’t so gratifying to me. In fact, I’m a little bored. I’ve already planted the plants- and there they just… sit. So I need to find satisfaction in other areas of my yard…

So, as I’ve mentioned before, my garage bi-sects my yard in an odd way and I’m always seeking ideas to dress it up.

I’ve had this old, rotting swing that the previous inhabitants left me and I just couldn’t bare to send it to a landfill, in all it’s lead-painted glory….

So, what to do?

Nearly a year later, inspiration strikes while catching up with one of my favorite thrifting/junking blogs.

All the photos in this post on Vintage Rescue Squad SPEAK to me but the 3rd from the bottom really had me thinking….

So I just stuck my eyesore swing on the wall. Now I really need to do some work on it to make it so that things actually STAY on the “shelf” but for now… it’ll do.

Area under construction!

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15 thoughts on “When Inspiration Strikes…

  1. Two questions:

    1) How do you keep everything from falling off the swing? Super glue?

    2) How can I get myself one of those giraffes?

    And you DO rock in the tag cloud department. But we always knew that about you anyway.

    • How sweet of you, Theresa, to notice my tag cloud excellence.

      1. Everything is just perched up there, er, at least it was last time I looked
      2. The giraffe is one of my most treasured possessions. Her name is Trixie.

  2. Miss R says hi howdy how R U and kneels at the garden altar of vintage things and lost objects. That’s why the nun is is there isn’t it?

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