Weekend Warriors

Early Saturday morning we went to a pond-and-gardens show. It was very small and even the bake sale didn’t impress. However I bought some great vegetable seedlings for 50¢ and I bought the one water lettuce that will reproduce like mad to fulfill all my water gardening needs plus that of all of my friends.


Sunday my little sister came to visit me from Chicago. She is oddly obsessed with Bob Evans restaurants and will travel the 40 miles to eat there and to visit with me. It was designated Cowgirl and Indian Day and it was my turn to be the cowgirl. I forgot and just wore a hat. After Bob Evans we went shopping along the Red Arrow Highway in Indiana and Michigan making each other laugh and buying crazy stuff. 


Check out this AWESOME vintage chair set we saw at the massive junk shop! The guy said it had a matching table but I couldn’t find it. All 5 pieces for $45?? You’re kidding me! I know it’s worth way more than that. Anyone want it? I’ll go pick it up for you and keep it safe here.



My junk shop bargains: a set of unique Lincoln logs, a plant care booklet and an unpainted ceramic Ewok baby. I got this for $6.



My sis and I have always obsessed over antique malls so we found one to obsess over. We both spent only a few bucks (I spent $8 on a Dutch girl pin) but we had a ton of fun and found a bunch of things we would buy if we have things like money or homes. Things like this outdoor chair made of horseshoes….

Or this cement statue of Jack Daniels…

Or this set of lions…


What did you do this weekend? Gawd, it was glorious out there! Tell me about it, guess where? Ya! In the forum.

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