If You Want Something Done, Ask A Busy Person

I’m taking on this project and I know it sounds nuts: I’m designing the floral arrangements for a wedding in June. Yes, I’m not a florist and I don’t even play one on TV. However, I did work at a florist shop for about 2 days when I was 19. I made four deliveries and got pulled over twice, and I also learned how to take thorns off of roses. None of that, unfortunately, will help me now.
So it sounds like I’m over my skis, right? Well, the cool thing is that the happy couple wants their arrangements to be living and lasting things that they and their guests can take home and be reminded of that special night for years to come. I think that’s cool.Especially cool because they want to use super interesting succulents. Some artists use watercolors or clay, I use succulents; I had to say ‘yes.’
I’m committed to more than 20 arrangements and some crazy number of super-secret-cool chair hangers that I think the world will duplicate out of envy some day. I’ve got some other stuff cooking too which I’ll blog about when it starts happening. 
Weddings are a new venue for me, sort of. I’m actually looking forward to it but I think I need an intern. Seriously.

Do you take on crazy ambitious projects? Or have you learned better? Come to the forum where you can either tell me how silly I am or volunteer to come and help me make chair hangers.

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