The Wedding- Part 2 of 3

Ok, Stage 1, the planting, is done. Now for Stage 2, the aluminum sleeves and Stage 3, the mysterious chair hangers….

60 containers, various sizes.
(Yeah, our grass is long. We do our part to make our lawn less unsustainable. Does that sentence make sense?)

The big daddies are HEAVY. I put upside down pots inside to make them weigh less but I still want them to be really stable. It’s going to be a MESS getting them to Chicago tomorrow.

So, tomorrow we’ll deliver them and I’ll bring with me a ton of fresh cut stuff from my garden to fill in any holes and provide even more drama.
But first? I have to make the aluminum sleeves. I won’t pretend I’m not running behind, I am. It rained like crazy yesterday so I’m a full day behind. When I do a crazy project like this, I always have a plan B so that my stress level doen’t over power the fun factor- so I might tape/glue the sleeves and then slap a ribbon over it instead of pop riveting them. Sad, I know. I was looking forward to the pop rivet gun!
So I’m going to finish that tonight while Dan is at the rehearsal dinner and tomorrow…chair hangers! I can’t WAIT to tell you about those!
I’ll be in the forum, can you guess what all this wedding stuff’s total is? Leave your guesses there!

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