My Favorite Misplaced Vintage Garden Collectible

I have been known to snatch up excellent vintage seed packets for pennies, then put them in a "safe" place until I can get around to framing them…. Then I never see them again. I know there’s a dozen really old Aster seed packets, that we found on our honeymoon for a buck, around here somewhere.
I found this one at an interesting garage sale I went to last weekend. The woman hostessing it appeared to be 3 sheets to the wind- which was both outrageously funny and irritating, as it took her about 45 minutes to count back my change (of fifty cents). In taking advantage of that, I got this seed packet and an armload of other things for $2.50.

This one is probably only cute enough to make it to the fridge door or a bulletin board at work but the others I can’t seem to find are totally framable pieces of mini-art. The fact that someone thought they were cool enough to keep 20, 40 or 70 years ago isn’t lost on me, in fact, it only gives my pack-rat ways a huge pat on the back. "Hey, good job on keeping everything you ever owned/came in contact with!" (Mwuhahaha!)

If you wanted to collect vintage seed packets or know what-the-Hosta to do with them once you’ve got them… all you’d have to do is a quick search on Etsy to get a wheelbarrow-full of answers and ideas. There you can find scanned in seed packages too, so it’s not the real deal, but it’s practically free to just print some out yourself. Then you don’t feel so bad decoupaging them, oh I don’t know, on to your car, garage door or baby.
Just resist the urge to "put them someplace safe"- maybe I left them in the forum?

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