How I Made Vintage Compost Bins Today (for less than $14)

Today I made 3 compost bins out of some old fencing I picked up at a garage sale in Indiana for $5. They are portable, easy to disassemble, easy to fit into tight spaces and super cute.
Here’s the roll…

I laid it flat on the driveway, measured it and then cut it with these $8 pliery things that the guy at the hardware store ASSURED me was the right tool for the job. Sure, if you look like this. My hand hurt for awhile but I did it.  I then zip-tied them in a hoop and VOILA!

Then I filled one and I had to go take a bath because I got into some plants that had been sitting on a tarp and rotting for a while and I smelled like something dogs like to roll in. I took it as a sign and quit for the day. But before I did. I caught this on camera…

I’ll be in the forum. Basking in the glory of an excellent bargain!

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