This Week’s To-Do List: In Photos

Ok, this is what I’m going to do this week.  And I’m using the word "week" very loosely here.

This is what I have to do, immediately.  And that’s tricky because I get to go to Boston at the end of the week for the Proven Winners Extravaganza.

I got a bunch of free plants and wee boxwoods in November and I needed to put ’em in the ground quick, so in true Amanda fashion, I decided to try to make a real, designed bed…. in the snow, instead of just sticking them in a mulch pile someplace.  SO, I need to finish this and make it look like someone lives here….

I’m going to continue praying that these Leather Sedge come back, because they look rad with my house and lots of people hate them. That’s a Kiss My Aster win/win!
Keep digging out the evil lancifolias…. Ugh.

I need to move the stuff that I sat against the Southern wall to warm up, then forgot about. It’s drying out now.  This is the stuff that I dug out of the garbage in December and stored in my garage all winter.

I marked out new bedlines for my back yard and never finished them. I take edging  very seriously and Step 2 will be an all day affair…

I need to move this…. to the neighbor’s yard?

I need to make peace with the pre-formed pond. I can rock it out and make it look fabulous…. suuuuuuure I can…

Why haven’t I cleaned out the dead stuff in my raspberry patch? I dream about doing stuff like that!

Ok, let’s see how I do. A week? 2 weeks?
What’s yer list?

Forum, yo.

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