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I pick a theme, every time we move, for decorating our homes and gardens so that everything is cohesive. And the themes are always very weird. For our place in Indiana, it was "Colorblind Dutchman in New Orleans". I think I rocked that out.
For our new home’s theme, you need to learn a little about our new town.
From Wikipedia
Highwood was founded in 1887 in conjunction with the establishment of Fort Sheridan. Throughout much of its history, it grew up around the Fort. Because of this, many of the town’s businesses were taverns and bars to serve the Fort and the North Shore. It set the Guinness World Record for most bars per square mile and was called "the toughest town in America" by President Theodore Roosevelt. In 1905, the first of many Italian immigrants started arriving in the town, but since then the demographics have changed as more immigrants are of Latino descent. With the closing of the active duty portion of Fort Sheridan in 1993, the Town of Highwood doubled in size after annexing some of Fort Sheridan’s old property. Currently a Navy housing development is underway in Fort Sheridan.

So here’s what I have to work with- Teddy Roosevelt, Italians, military, drinking and Latinos.

"Teddy Roosevelt and Dean Martin in Mexico" is our new theme.
What the hell does that mean?
Teddy Roosevelt: Victorian, military, cowboy, taxidermy, safari (animal print), Americana,
Dean Martin: cocktails, swank, Mambo Italiano!
Mexico: dia de los muertos, candles from the botanica, beautiful textiles

Sounds kooky but I can tie it together if anyone can. And for the garden? It’s all about the Square Deal.
I’ll elaborate more on that later.
Do you have a theme? Tell me in the forum! Then I won’t feel quite as strange as I do right now…

P.S. People are still hardcore Italian in this town, apparently most people use the word "ravioli" wrong and Dan is joining a bocce league!

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