Spring is coming, Target told me so

Last week we got 26” of snow in 24 hours and there was about a 7” base of snow under that. Of course I understand that spring will still come someday but when you become that glaciated a little hope goes out the window, if it isn’t frozen shut. I couldn’t get my car out of the 8’ of yuck the plows pushed on to it, even 3 days later, so I made arrangements to take Dan to work, drop him off and frolic in his truck that he’d already liberated for the rest of the day. Where did I go with my new found freedom?
Target, naturally. And spring has sprung at Target. A full rack of seeds, brightly colored hoses, the smell of Miracle-Gro products and more solar garden path lights than anyone could ever need have made their annual appearance, to hell with Punxsutawney Phil, this is where it’s at.
 Eiffel Towers for the garden, all from Target. More please!
Are you doing any garden shopping yet? Seed catalogs don’t count… Tell me about it inthe forum

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