It’s Oh So Quiet…

It’s nearly 40 degrees outside today and the sun is shining. Like any Chicago gardener would be- I was out there without a coat on, stomping around in the snow that is now the consistency of an Icee (the part you can’t drink that remains at the bottom of the cup), looking for signs of Life in my garden. And this is what I found in the way of Life…

And that is IT for signs of Life right now, one Iris and a surly dog. And oddly, I’m okay with that right now. It’s oh so quiet. There’s no list of chores, no "gotta make the doughnuts" and no rush- just yet. It’s a good time for me to do things I can’t do when I’m gardening, like get a manicure, wear a party dress or go get my hair cut on a Saturday morning. Aw, who am I kidding? I don’t let gardening keep me from any of those things… But I do have time to savor them a little more now. And I’m cool with that. At least for today.
Forum yo.

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