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   When it was announced that I’d be packing up Kiss my Aster and moving it over to Horticulture, the consensus of readers, friends and family was: Oh, Amanda, you’re going to change when you’re blogging at Horticulture. You’ll be domesticated, homogenized and bleeped out. You won’t be able to be so… edgy.
I think not. Here’s proof that botanical mischief always prevails!
If you don’t think these names sound funny at first, just imagine John Cleese reading them to you. Remember that someone named these plants and apparently never chose to read the names aloud. So how naughty can I really be for just compiling a list of plants?
Plant names I can’t say out loud without snickering
10. Monstera deliciosa
9. Ranunculus ficaria ‘Brazen Hussy’
8. Rosa ‘Golden Showers’
7. Yucca flaccida
5. Betula pubescens
4. Anything in the Phallaceae family
3. Fallopia japonica
2. PhalarisFeesey’s Form
1. Sagina subulata
        A Dog Stinkhorn of the family Phallaceae

Disclaimer: There are more plant names that are even TOO MUCH for me to list here—and you know the ones I’m talking about. I want a list of plant names that make you snicker, blush or gag. Join me the forum and we can get this party started!


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