The Secret to Being a Great Gardener

The secret to being a great gardener is to have guts, chutzpah, audacity, balls, backbone, courage, daring, moxie, fortitude, grit, pluck, spirit or spunk. If you don’t get discouraged by a few accidents, a few split hoses or a few killed plant you’ll do fine.

Keep at it. The only difference between me and someone with a brown thumb? I don’t give up. I try something else. It’s a great metaphor for life but Kiss My Aster does not get deep, just bedazzled.

I’d have more to say if it wasn’t like October outside. I have all these great projects on hold until the weather shapes up. Let’s hope that’s tomorrow. Until then? The forum!

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Big, loud and fun- Amanda Thomsen landscapes by day and blogs at night. Her blog, Kiss My Aster, on Horticulture magazine's website has alienated/enraptured dozens. She co-authors a blog called Plants That Suck that is about plants that suck. And she is the less popular half of the podcasting team, Good Enough Gardening, which makes her feel like the "Roy" of of Siegfried and Roy, but without the mauling. She lives in Chicago and does not EVER put ketchup on hot dogs.

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