Dangerous Garden Craft Day – Part 1

I felt I needed to shake it up a little. I was feeling a little too safe today so I decided to tackle a craft that has been on my list for a long time. I’m going to attempt to make sea glass mulch, which is fairly popular and also really expensive. It started with this conversation:



Me: “Hi, Dad, it’s me. You wouldn’t by any chance still have that rock tumbler you got us, um, 20 years ago, would you?”

Dad: “I just got rid of it last week”

Me: “Well, thanks for nothing, Bub!”

Not two days later I was at a thrift store that had a rock tumbler, identical to mine, for the low, low price of $5. And, no kidding, I’ve seen one every time I’ve been to a thrift store since, so if this craft works go out there and get yourself one.

  • Since this is a test project of sorts, I’m starting with some lame, clear glass (spaghetti sauce jar, just barely cleaned) instead of pretty blues and greens, which are what I hope to work up to.

  • I wet the counter down with water then I banged on the spaghetti sauce jar with a towel over it. The wet counter helps tiny pieces not fly everywhere. I banged away until I made sure there were enough mulch-sized bits.

  • I stuck my “sea glass” in the tumbler with one of the packets that came with it for polishing. I think sand would have been the best thing, naturally, but I don’t have any. BTW, this powder is the color of 1000 Island salad dressing.

  • Plug it the tumbler and dance to the music of your glass being polished.  Here is the video I can’t seem to insert here.


I’ll keep checking on it and report back. I wonder how long until I see results? If you want to place bets on how long it will take, meet me in the forum. There’s some funny stuff already going on in there so why not this?


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