I Miss You Project Runway

Project Runway isn’t related to gardening at all, but as Tim Gunn suggests, I can make it work. I can’t wait for the next season of Project Runway, regardless of whether it’s on Bravo or Lifetime. Just give me a group of eccentric, creative, overworked and slightly bitchy fashion designers to ogle every week!

I get so motivated by the drive of those designers as well as by the colors and textures they work with. So actually it does motivate me in my garden and, whoa, I made the connection. See? Tim’s right, I knew I could make it work!

If I had a Project Runway garden it would have a long grass strip for a runway and on each side these plants would grow…

1. Arugala ‘Runway’

2. Hemerocallis ‘Coming Challenge’

3. Lilium ‘Heidi’

4. Iris ‘Fashion Designer’

5. Pulmonaria saccharata ‘Tim’s Silver’

6. Iris ‘Creative Stitchery’

7. Rose ‘In the Mood’ (as in the fabric store, it’s a stretch)

8. Hemerocallis ‘Black-Eyed Stella’

9. Iris ‘Fashion Model’

10. Hemerocallis ‘Last Out’

Ok, designers, for your next challenge please tell me in what other ways fashion and gardening go together. Or maybe they don’t? I’ll meet you on the runway…er… forum to talk about it.

Auf wiedersehen!

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