Rubber Sole

I had the friggin’ cutest pair of rubber boots a few years back. They looked like ladybugs but they were for grown-ups, well, grown-ups like me anyways. I wore them nonstop throughout one whole season. The next spring I was helping to construct a small pond at work, it was a very shallow pond so I jumped in it to get some stones placed just right. Just then the ladybugs filled with icy, March-in-Chicago water. Apparently they had cracked at the back of the heel and no duct tape was going to keep the water out. After a brief stint as planters I retired them. They lost their redness and started to suck.

So I moved on to these leopard jobbies. They make me sweaty. I may go back to the ladybugs, but I also have my eye on these and these and maybe these.

I’ve been rain-boot centric for the last week or so, regardless of the lack of rain here. Have you been, too? Nothing is better for jumping on the compost pile, or in puddles, than a big ol’ pair of rain boots. What kind of boots do you wear? Where do you wear them?

I am BEGGING you to post your rain boot photos in the forum, or to Twitpic them to me via Twitter (@kissmyaster). I need more prizes to give away to twist your arm, you say? I do have this basement full of vintage dresses …

* I don’t advise you ever jump on the compost pile unless someone tall on the ground is holding both of your hands, very dangerous activity.

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