Why My Nicotiana sylvestris could use a hankie

I was sitting at my desk staring out the window, right at my Nicotiana sylvestris. I was thinkin’, here’s a plant that doesn’t get enough love. So I went out to give it a sniff and see if it’s as tall as I am. It is (I am almost 5’7" but I’m wearing platform flip-flops so we can give ol’ NS a solid 5’8")

So I’m looking and sniffing and measuring and…. I notice something on the Macleaya leaves that looks suspicious. I look at the Macleaya, I look at the Nictiana… The Nicotiana apparently SNOTTED seeds on the Macleaya leaf. Is this why more people don’t use Nicotiana sylvestris?

Here’s the scoop with this awesome annual- I "deadheaded" someone elses plant last year at this time and threw the cuttings in the area I wanted them to seed out in. I then raked up the leftover bits in spring. Now I have a lovely, free,forum.hortmag.com/tt.aspx fragrant forest of these towering snotters.
Bring the Kleenex to the forum.

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