Don’t Stalk Me, Bro

So, it feels a little funny to just let it all hang out like this; but here’s the deal. I love this house and I SEE the potential. And I think you, as a gardener, will too.
So here’s the story. We wanted to move back to Illinois but more specifically- back to Chicago and because we wanted to rent and I HAVE to garden, I feel like I’m this needy renter and the whole process was going to be a drag soooooooo… I put an ad on Craigslist saying, "Here I am, this gardening nut who loves vintage and is very anti-granite countertops and wouldn’t mind a pink toilet or two" and I got a TON of really nice responses, but the owner of this house was just too PERFECT, even though I hadn’t thought of living as far from the city as this house is (30 miles North of Chicago).
So, I came to see the house almost half-heartedly but I was hooked immediately. The combination of awesome landlord, fabulous house and garden and really outrageous little town just had me acting like theWolf in a Tex Avery Cartoon. Plus? The amount of storage in this house would make any pack rat cry with joy. 
Ok. So. Here are the before photos and the next post I will tell you my plan of attack.

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Meet me in the forum and you can give me your ideas… if they include bowling balls…
P.S. Remember! We’ve only been here a week!

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