We want… A SHRUBBERY! A nice one. One that’s not too expensive

When I was about 15 my Mom and I were going to Blockbuster to pick out videos for the weekend. Yes, Blockbuster—this was like 20 years ago. She asked me what I was planning to pick out and I told her I wanted to get Life of Brian (the Monty Python classic). She asked me why I would get a sad, made-for-TV movie about the death of a football player. I said, No Mom, you’re thinking of Brian’s Song.
Ok, a Monty Python themed garden? I’d start out with this foot planter from mygardengoddess at Etsy and as I place it in my garden I’d squash a random weed and blow a big raspberry simultaneously.

  1. The Larch
  2. Lilium ‘Flying Circus’
  3. Hemerocallis ‘Holy Grail’
  4. Coconut Palm (clip-clop!)
  5. Buddleia ‘Black Knight’
  6. Hosta ‘Something Different’
  7. Rosa ‘Mary Queen of Scots’
  8. Hemerocallis ‘Bright Side’
  9. Dahlia ‘Brian’
  10. Hosta ‘Lumberjack’

 I can’t believe there is no Knights That Say “Ni” Begonias or Canna ‘Spam’ or Spanish Inquisition Tulips. There’s a hole in the market, people!

Do you have any suggestions for Monty Python themed plant names?  Did I leave some off the list? Join me, Amanda ‘Two Sheds" Thomsen in the forum

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