Putting the “mental” in environmental

Gas lawn mowers are bad news for the environment, so to keep our lawn a little more "green" we try to skip a week. Or 3.

And now the lawn is too long and to get from one side to the other, I have to put on my best catwalk-stomp. The dog has to hop to get around and has taken to using the garden border at a canine super-highway, which does not please me.
So naturally I take the easy route, the one that’s better for my marriage. I’m paying a local company to cut it instead of making my poor horticulturist husband to do it. Dan is outside kickin’ it and wrestling with weeds all day long, I hate to make him go outside and play lawn-care Sisyphus all night long.
The lawn service guy quoted me $40. I’ll tell you that kid is sorry he said $40 right about now. He’s going about 4 inches a minute and it’s still dying every 6 minutes. He’ll be here until dusk.
So was waiting any better for the environment? Probably not. We shouldn’t have waited as long. And I should get the blades sharpened on my vintage push mower.
Now that it’s out in the internets I’ve committed to it, right?
Talk to me about your lawn care in the forum. I’ll try not to yawn.

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