Mama said knock you out!

I know ‘Knockout’ Roses are the best thing next to sliced bread and all but- I’d like to put THIS rose in the ring with ‘Knockout’! ‘Knockout’ doesn’t have a smell, no fragrance, odor, nada. Now- why would ANYONE grow a rose with no scent? There is only one answer. Because they are easy. Well. I have big fat news for you, there are other roses out there just as easy and wonderful WITH SCENT but lacking in the same marketing budget as ‘Knockout’. My ‘Knockout’ competitor? Rose de Rescht.
1. It’s an old rose, like ancient old. Like older than your mamma’s mamma’s mamma.
2. Compact at 3’x3′, way better shape than wonky ‘Knockout’
3. Blooms from spring to fall, just like me
4. OMG. The smell. I wish this was smell-o-blogging.
5. Really full, peony-like blooms will knock your socks off. Seriously. Say goodbye to your socks right now.
6. Disease resistant. I’ve had a few of these roses and never had an issue. Not one. I swear on this copy of Dirr’s Manual of Woody Landscape Plants
7. Tolerates poor soil and is relatively drought tolerant AND tolerates part sun conditions
8. Plays "Ode to Joy" when asked nicely (I’m just kidding about that part but really, it does everything else)

Ok. So. Where do you get this rose? Good luck. I bought mine at The Growing Place in Naperville, Illinois- I did a dance in the aisle when I saw it. But I found it for you on this website here. I’m telling you that you need one, or fourteen.

(Courtesy of fotrristi on Flickr)

It’s getting a little cobwebby in the forum. Won’t you come play with me?

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