The Completely Horticultural “Name That Baby!” Contest

Bad to the phloem!Well, Dan has nixed Poppy, Marigold, Zinnia and Larkspur as possibilities for a girl’s name.  He hated the idea of Carolus Linnaeus for a boy…

Help us, please.

Sure, there’s a few month’s til the little critter sticks it’s head out and hopefully sees it shadow (or is it better if it doesn’t? I never can keep it straight) and I’m not talking about Groundhog’s Day… But we find out the sort of baby in a mere 2 days and it sure would help make it real if we had a name for lil’ Topper, now wouldn’t it?

Here’s the rub, we want the name to be horticultural-  Extra points forthe first name AND the middle. For example: Frasier Fir, Daisy Vermiculture or Moss Zone 5.

Don’t forget that we are weird people and the Zappa kids’ names seem old fashioned to us.

Have any suggestions? Leave ’em here in comments or leave them on the Kiss My Aster! Facebook page (where the party never stops, except at night)…

There will be a winner picked eventually and Patty, here at Horticulture, has surrendered a subscription to the mag as a prize if you aren’t already a subscriber. If you are, I’ll send you a Kiss My Aster! prize pack, which consists of a vintage gardening book, some vintage seed packets and a ton of loot I got at the Independent Garden Center show that I don’t want… I mean, that I just simply don’t have room for since I have to empty a whole room of the house out for He/She Who Will Be Named Later.

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121 thoughts on “The Completely Horticultural “Name That Baby!” Contest

  1. Hello- if zappa’s kids names are tame…I’ve always loved the way Liquidambar styraciflua sounds, as well as admiring their beauty. Plus- the common name is pretty cute- Sweet Gum and the wood from the tree is sometimes called satin walnut- which sounds nice. speaking of beautiful trees and cool names- how about Redbud with something like, Zebrinus for a first? so many possiblities- I think its a great way to choose a name. best wishes and good health!

  2. I know it’s to late – but maybe for your next one

    For Girl
    Mossy Magnolia
    Juniper Honey
    Jubilee Clementine

    For Boy
    Gray Cedar
    Ash Forest
    Willow Oak

    or you can move the names around
    I am currently pregnant and thinking for a name for my boy

    • i know i am way late and i haven’t read all comments, but, Daphne Odora has always been might botanical name of choice : )

      Doug Fir for a boy, of course, hah.

  3. How about Iris Rose? or Rose Iris? Lavender Lily? Jack (as found in-the-pulpit) or Ash for Scarlet’s “Ashley, I love you”. Guys names would be tough–hope for a girl.

  4. My wife and I are due in April with our 1st, and I really wanted to come up with a good plant name for him since we are both horticulturists! About the only boy name I could think of was “Acer”, but I wasn’t sold on it. If we were going to have a girl we liked Polypodium polypodiodies (Poly for short) :).

  5. When I was pregnant, I SO wanted to name my baby girl Magnolia. I figured since my last name is Sweet, when the teacher did roll-call she’d be Sweet Magnolia. Maybe Maggie for short. Unfortunately, I was over-ruled by everyone. The irony is that now my daughter is 15 and mad I didn’t follow through with my gut. She hates her name ‘Emily’ – much too ordinary. sigh.

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