Surprise! Twin Girls!

Bad to the phloem!Who gets this lucky?

2 full mannequins, with stands

There’s little else that tickles me as much as mannequins in the garden do. And I’m not alone, you can see prime specimens here, here and here.

I’m pickling in the potential! Paint them? Grow vines on them? Dress them in 60s polyester that will never, ever break down or fade in the sun?

Oh! The possibilities are positively dizzying!

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5 thoughts on “Surprise! Twin Girls!

  1. Are these things hollow inside? If you grew a small ornamental tree up through the inside, the ladies torso could become part of the trunk. If the circumference was right.
    Or just use them as plant pots, so the plant is the head/hair?

  2. As a budding seamstress (ha), I really do appreciate the bizarre use of mannequins in the garden. The ideal thing to do would be to take the giant succulent mound in the backyard and make big “pins” out of bamboo and weather-safe lanterns, no? Like a giant pincushion.

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