She’s Crafty: Horticultural Holiday Wreath

Bad to the phloem!Check out this holiday wreath I made. You have to admit, it’s at least good for a chuckle.

I have seen wreaths made out of hoses before, I’m not claiming to have made it up, but they always look a little thin to me. Like they only used 8 feet or something?  I used 25′ of hose dressed in Dirt Couture’s Hose Clothes. Wrapping the hose tightly, or what I thought was tightly at the time, I simply zip tied it in 4 places to hold it in place.

Then I sat and made these pompons for an entire Sunday afternoon. I think it could use WAY more pompons, but I couldn’t teach the dog how to make them.

If I had a team of interns to help me, I would have made the wreath a little smaller and tighter… and made more pompons. And certainly used different gloves- because I spray painted these pink and the paint isn’t really cooperating.

But overall, I like it- probably because anything leopard print totally rocks.

Tell me what you think!

Because what says "Christmas" more than a leopard and pink combo?

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11 thoughts on “She’s Crafty: Horticultural Holiday Wreath

  1. Now that is a hose worthy of gifting! It would be so wonderful to leave it as a gift on a friends doorstep or hose rack/reel with a note as a surprise. I think its good for any time of year giving! Totally cute!

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