Mamma Had A Baby And Her Head Popped Off

Bad to the phloem!Probably not the most tasteful blog post title  from a lady who just had a baby… But what else did you expect?

I’m still on the mend from that whole “baby having” experience  3 weeks ago– But yard work, mainly weeding, waits for no mom.

As I sit around and mend, the Garlic Mustard, Dandelions and Bouncing Bet are taking over. Repeated bending is a real no-no with these stitches in my midsection  so… What’s a garden mamma to do?

I’m meeting the weeds halfway. It’s the equivalent of shooting hoops granny-style.

I figure that if I can keep them from going to seed, well- that’s something. So I just wait until they grow tall enough for me to meet halfway and I give a lame attempt at a “stoop” and just pop off their heads…

Momma had a baby and her head popped off

Remember that? What a great way to get kids to deadhead weeds!

I wonder what  violent, sick genius came up with that…

A couple "heads" at my still-bloated feet...



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One thought on “Mamma Had A Baby And Her Head Popped Off

  1. popping off the top half of weeds is how i mark my rows in the wee patch. if there aren’t harvestable or blooming growth, i’m not weeding it. instead i make sure the weeds don’t set seeds by never letting them get that tall, & then i walk along top of them weeding the actual rows. plus, it helps keep soil in place when heavy rains show up.

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