I’m Totally Phoning It In…

Bad to the phloem!Christmas is just about here… and even people who have skills like “organization” and “planning” and “taste” have issues holding it together this time of year so just IMAGINE what a hell my life is right now.

Many would think that a girl in landscaping would have it made this time of year- but OOOOOH NO… up to the last minute we’ve been making winter pots, putting boughs on beds, healing in roses and even breaking rock-hard frozen ground to get bulbs in the ground. And the weather has been wicked, most days in the teens… and if it gets into the 20s we use words like “balmy” (and not just to describe me.)

So, with a crazy last minute push at work and my burgeoning belly- I haven’t been much of a blogger. I come home from work, get in the tub to warm up, I eat dinner like a zombie and  then pass out.

But here’s the deal… I have a whole TWO WEEK OFF of work and I am about to rock your SOCKS OFF. I hope you get new socks for Christmas because you’re going to NEED THEM.

In the mean time, here are some bad Blackberry photos of our recent trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden so see their Wonderland Express display.

Poinsettia Death Star

I can't remember if I snapped a photo of this because I like it... or because it is hideous....

How'd you like to spend Christmas- on Christmas Island?

I'm not sure that you'd see this one in the dictionary under "wreath"...

My favorite- the lights are made from galls!

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