HOW many pumpkins??

Bad to the phloem! I love my little town’s moxie. Highwood, IL had little more than 4,000 residents at last census- but that doesn’t stop us from trying to take the Guinness record from Boston (population estimated at 645,169)  for the most jack-o-lanterns lit in one location.That would be 32,000 pumpkins.


Welcome to The Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival.

We went to the first attempt to break the record in ’09. We only had about 1200 pumpkins, but you would have thought that we surpassed Boston by 1200 by the mood of the crowd.

Did I mention that Highwood is a slightly boozy little town? In the best possible way.We like a reason to celebrate. A reason to “Woooooo-hoo!”.

This year, the festival started on October 20th, and as of mid-day on the 21st- there were already more than 7,000. A great start, if we can come up with another 25,000 before the 23rd, when the festival ends.  We need your help.

I’m suggesting that you plane, train or automobile it over here to help us show Boston who’s boss. For $2.50 per pre-scooped out and ready to carve pumpkins, really good  food, entertainment, organic vegetables, beer, kid activities, art, Bloody Marys, antiques, alcoholic beverages, hay rides, coffee with booze in it, local vendors, campaign handshakes and tequila- Come to Highwood, IL !

Pumpkins on scaffolding in the center of town

More pumpkins...

Highwood thanks you!

The Big One


All holed up and ready to go....

Another wall of pumpkins....

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