Gardening in the Third Trimester: A Guide

Bad to the phloem!So, you want to garden until the bitter end? Like MIA at the Grammys or Amy Poehler doing the Palin rap? Here’s how.

The most important part, is having an exit strategy. This means always having a way to get back UP if you get DOWN. This can be a helping hand from a person, having a fully loaded wheelbarrow to grasp or having a tree that you can lever yourself up with. Having an exit strategy means you won’t have a “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” moment. It also means you’ll more than likely be able to get yourself to the ladies’ room before you dribble.

Yeah right.

These blue hyacinths are also in their third trimester...

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4 thoughts on “Gardening in the Third Trimester: A Guide

  1. Due 5/24 here. My problem is that I don’t like to garden when the hubbie is home, because he thinks he “knows what he’s talking about” because he watched a Walter Reeves show once. No helpful hands here. So I’m just enjoying the perennials this season. And, as long as you are in the back yard, dribble – meh.

  2. Also, take the amount of time that you want to garden, weep, shout, bargain, and then cut that time in thirds and only do one third.

    Or, you can take the hip/lower back pain all the next day. Your choice!

  3. An exit strategy is verrry important. I remember in my third trimester that I was planting hundreds of bulbs while my hubby was off doing errands…and got stuck. Seriously stuck. My then 4-year-old and her friend had to help pull/push me up. Humbling.

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