Easter Li(li)es

Bad to the phloem! The thing with me and Easter is… It’s prime season for landscaping and I’m working long hours every day plus most of my Saturdays. I’d kill for just a little more free time, ESPECIALLY free time in my own garden. So I do a little lying, every Easter, to accomplish that…

It’s an Aster tradition. Every Easter I tell my Dad I’m going to eat at my Mom’s, I tell my Mom I’m going to my In-Law’s and I tell my In-Laws that we’re going to my Dad’s.

My parents lied to me for years about the Easter Bunny, so they have it coming.

Well, truly… They don’t even ask anymore…

So, every Easter, Dan and I stay at home and have a nice little meal together after I spend a whole day doing whatever I want. Which is usually a combination of gardening, cleaning and general catching up and recuperating.

Today I might even get the leaves out of the hyacinth/euphorbia display so I can take a proper photo…

Hyacinth and Euphorbia (Like the falovors in a Reeses Egg…)

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  1. Looks like a big job, I never know where to start and end up making more of a mess. But somehow my strawberries that I thought I had killed off are miraculously reincarnating themselves – luck maybe!

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