An Ancient, Best-Forgotten Art of Flower Arranging…

Bad to the phloem!A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I worked at a garden center with an ingenious lass that would venture to guess which bathroom stall I favored in the ladies’ room and leave small favors floating in the bowl for me to marvel at upon my next visit.


Wait, it’s not what you’re thinking.

Sometimes she’d leave me a lacy leaf from a Japanese Maple or a singular stripey rose petal, a Foxglove thimble or a thin braid of variegated grass… it never got old or less charming. She told me that she had not made up this act of dressing up the commode, she was just sharing a long-forgotten, ancient art with me.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Ikebana? Well, this is Ickybano.

Turns out that this centuries old practice begun as an extravagant “welcome” gesture to guests when entertaining. What else could possibly demonstrate how deep and sincere your hospitality…  like floating your best flowering specimen in the john just for them, to last only for one flush?

It’s stunningly simple to do; here are 2 examples:

The perfect bowl for the bride on the go....

Insert "Cornus" joke here:













What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “An Ancient, Best-Forgotten Art of Flower Arranging…

  1. With the title I was ready to cry fowl, being a floral designer. But I got a good giggle out of this and hope to share this with my other designers. LOL…might even try it!

  2. I love this, so bad… perfect way to use up deadheaded blooms…
    I bet sprigs of herbs would be nice too. I have plenty of oregano and thyme to float…

  3. if i’m going to all of the trouble of scrubbing a toilet so that i can use it for a vase, i’m certainly going to put in more than 2 blooms! but not roses (they cost too much), peonies (love them & i’m selfish), or dandelions (grandchildren like them too much & would fish them out…). flowers would make a change from fishing toys out…..

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