Jack Frost Nipping at your Rose…

Bad to the phloem! I know it got cold last night and they called for frost-  And instead of bringing any of my tenders or tropicals in, I decided to go a different route.

I prayed.

I prayed to Lake Michigan, who likes to stay warmish long into winter and provides us Chicagoan with the cherished phrase- “warmer by the Lake”.

Less than a mile from the Lake, I repeated “We’re too close to the Lake, we’re too close to the Lake, we’re too close to the Lake”  and also “Let the Western suburbs get it, Let the Western suburbs get it…” Not because I’ve got something against them, that’s just who usually gets it… I’m not cruel, just practical.

I’ve got scores of succulents, a million spider plants, a cherished  cluster of Setcreasea pallida that is now several years old… A few large tropicals and a Cardamom that could have at least used covering last night.

I didn’t tempt fate by leaving my one orchid that is actually blooming out there… the other ones that aren’t doing much? Didn’t make the cut…

Let’s hope Lake Michigan didn’t let me down…

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2 thoughts on “Jack Frost Nipping at your Rose…

  1. so what happened? i still have 6 beets & 2 mugwort doing nicely, but rue doesn’t like me, & the bergamot is ready to go to bed. (i can count my plants becuase my soninlaw sees no reason not to let his boxer-mix puppy runs where it wants to)

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