I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I have a small garden and it’s an old garden… It has a lot of character of it’s own that I’d be stupid/energy sucking to mess with. The previous inhabitants were gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, from what I can tell. And since they really used the space, they broke it down into 5 outdoor rooms.

1. The main garden (Was sort of u-shaped, doesn’t have much in it- mostly sun. Relics: laundry line and umbrella stands)
2. The eating area (has really interesting patio surface- it’s a little more shady. Relics:antique grape vine on "interesting" arbor and a very evil Buckthorn tree)
3. The giant raspberry patch (I have enough for everyone. Relics: Millions of Buckthorn seedlings )
4. The firepit area (I have seating for 4 out there, really need privacy fence to make it useable- it’s fairly shady. Relics: great brick spirals for the firepit and for decor)
5. The "meadow" ( Crazy mix of flowers, space has been pretty unusable because I don’t want to step on Bluebells, or Poppies… Will become my "work" space- sorta shady. Relics: An old sandbox frame, an odd collection of stone, a wooden swing (grounded) and an unusualbe (by law) hen house)

Ok, ok. Looking at this makes even ME think I have a giant yard. Trust me. It’s tiny. T-I-N-Y! And my garage sits smack dab in the middle of it.
I lost my scanner in the flood so bear with this awful  illustration.

This scan doesn’t even show the firepit area, which is against the back fence- about 1/2 an inch off the edge of the page.Just imagine it, k?

Ok, next- I’m going to tell you all about my "Peacock Garden" and how I’m going to pull that off. Or, the better question may be, WHY I’m going to pull that off.
I am, after all, afraid of peacocks.

Forum, yo.

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